Angels from Heaven Brought Down to Earth to Change Our Lives Forever….

This is a photo of our son Gabriel trying to help teach his new friend Destine how to swim. If one was to tell me 2 years ago I would be looking at this photo and reflecting on this precious moment, I would tell them it was a dream. Gabriel was diagnosed with Autism back in 2009 and could not learn how to swim until he was 5 years old. It took him to 5 different instructors before we found the angel that broke through his barriers (Mrs.Daniella Stark). Destine, his new friend, has Autism as well and to witness such love and compassion from my child has me crying as I am writing this to all of you. These moments in life stop me and thank God that I have a child with Autism. What I have learned and continue to learn from our Autism Angels is true love, compassion, devotion, patience, tolerance, and a daily reminder to never underestimate a child.