Meet my mentor in life….. Marvin Kimmel! Always pay it forward my fellow We Rocker!!!

Above is a photo of Marvin Kimmel, my children’s great grandfather and myself Dina Kimmel Founder and Ceo of WRTS, LLC at Boca Raton’s Grand Opening in April. He surprised me at the Grand Opening in Boca and I was so overwhelmed with emotion, I couldn’t stop crying. He brought me his wife’s Marilyn’s pearls as an opening good luck gift and that it was, the largest Grand Opening thus far in WRTS. When I first saw him as he walked through the door (that is the photo above) I knew a huge part of the reason I was there and opening my first nationwide franchise was due to him and the extraordinary example this man has been in my life. Marvin became successful in business many years ago by “hard work”. There is no way around it, he would tell me. As I have been on my We Rock journey, he and his wife Marilyn have been my biggest fans. They have always treated me like I was their granddaughter. Due to Marvin and his son (my father-in-law) Bob’s financial and emotional support, their grandson and great grandson is now high functioning. We were able to build We Rock in our home 5 years ago and now…… well we are paying it forward and working our hardest to have every child benefit from a daily sensory diet. Thank you to my mentors Marvin, Marilyn. Bob and Pat Kimmel for making We Rock the Spectrum possible to not only help our Gabriel but ALL the children worldwide.